Authentic, respectful, competent and compassionate

A humane safe space, a rigorous practice and concrete guidelines.
From the first session, together, we try to respond to the initial request. We try to answer questions that allow us to specify the situation and how it works. We are also careful to distinguish between limitations (to accept) and problems (to solve). We make an inventory of available resources and mobilize what is useful. Particular emphasis is placed on being in the best position to be able to work (bio-psycho-social health). We focus above all on the present, which can have the effect of a change of perspective on the past.
Each session is different and calibrated according to the evolution. The advancement is not linear but progressive! Relapse is part of the process. I believe that experimentation outside consultations is a very important part of therapy and for this reason we sometimes work with "homework". When the objective is achieved another subject can be defined or included. There is no magic formula for "healing".
The patient is an active part of the consultation work, he is responsible for himself, he also has all the credit for his victories.

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