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This service is devoted to the Expat community and its specific challenges. My intention is to offer a therapy sensible to the needs of our postmodern, intercultural, millennial, FOMO, Erasmus generation. I propose you a safe space to tackle subjects such as settling down, leaving, finding love, feeling homesick, lonely, having a family abroad, being in intercultural relationship, changing your lifestyle. This place is also neurodiverse informed and dedicated to the LGBTQ community. I work in English, Spanish and French. I am committed to offering an authentic, respectful, competent and compassionate psychotherapy.

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WHY coming to therapy?


Explore your needs, limits, sensitivities.


Learn to recognize, share, self-regulate.


Getting more assertive, express vulnerability.


Understand each other, rebuild trust.

About the therapy

My priority is to provide you a humane safe space, a rigorous practice and concrete guidelines.

I base my interventions on my knowledge of psychotherapy, clinical psychology,  neuropsychology and philosophy.

We work together to understand the limiting dynamics in which you may be trapped, your sensitivities, what makes you over reactive, your temperament.

In doing so, we aim to foster understanding, compassion, a sense of empowerment and meaning.

I am committed to providing you with useful information about topics such as addictions, obsessions, depression, burnout, anxiety, phobias, PTSD, sexuality and Neurodiversity.

I also share with you concrete tools to manage your emotions and better your communication skills. And, implement in session supervised exercises.

In couple therapy, I make sure you are in the best conditions to rebuild trust and understand each other.

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