Understand each other

Clinical psychologist and couple therapist, I lead this service for expatriates, multicultural couples, heterosexual couples and LGTBQ+. I make sure you are in the best conditions to rebuild trust and understand better each other.
I accompany couples in the treatment of various situations: communication problems, lack of confidence, parenthood, jealousy, domestic balance, lack of desire, infidelities, separation, reconciliation, mourning and relationships with in-laws.
Together we consider your couple dynamics, your way of communicating, of reacting, your sensitive areas, your needs and your life experience.
I ensure that each session is a space for awareness, mutual understanding, and learning. Each person is accepted as he is, here and now, with his own frame of reference. I am sensitive to the rhythm of each couple and try to adapt to the specific request of each. The client is not reduced to a pathology. The person in therapy is listened to and helped without going through the prism of normality.

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